Experience is everything…

Especially when it comes to WiFi. The wireless network is quickly becoming one of the most important assets to all kinds of organisations, the importance of keeping guests, customers, and staff connected is vital. Losing connection to the internet for a hotel, holiday park, conference hall, or even in an office could lead to negative user experience, a loss of revenue, or poor customer satisfaction reviews. Not only is losing the connection a real problem, so is having a poor or slow WiFi that becomes intolerable for those using it.

We want to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Troubleshoot your WiFi before it troubles you

Being able to quickly and easily detect a problem and its source is often very difficult and requires lots of investigation work, a good set of monitoring tools and a deep understanding of the network.

The problem with today’s network monitoring systems is they only provide part of the picture. Many simply confirm if an Access Point is up or not and tell you how many clients are associated to it. What they can’t tell you is what the user experience is like. This is where WiFi Assure steps in.

We provide a user experience network monitoring platform that is designed to compliment traditional monitoring systems. We give you the tools to quickly identify when issues, which negatively effect the users experience, arise and its cause.


How does WiFi Assure work?

WiFi Assure is a cloud managed dashboard, which provides network managers with a complete insight into the user experience. Our sensors connect to your network and instantly start to provide real benefits and a detailed picture of how the network is performing from a users point-of-view.

The sensors are fully 802.11af/at compatible and can be used to monitor user experience on wired Ethernet or WiFi networks. If you have multiple WiFi networks, WiFi Assure can be configured to automatically monitor multiple SSIDs; whether its the guest, corporate, or contractor networks, WiFi Assure will monitor them all.

Concerned about the security of your wireless network?

Man in the Middle attacks using rogue access points on public and guest WiFi networks are increasing and are a becoming real concern. The damage this could do to a hotel’s brand, or any other organisation, if their customers are subject to this type of breach and their guest’s personal data is hijacked could be very damaging.

WiFi Assure constantly monitors the network and can quickly detect and alert to the presence of any unknown or suspect devices that appear, giving you complete confidence that your customers are safe.


Monitor all WiFi enabled devices

With WiFi Assure, any WiFi enabled device can be monitored and its status can be reported and alerts can be generated should the device fail or when a problem is detected.

Devices such as Carbon Monoxide, or Smoke Detectors that are WiFi enabled can be added to the system, ensuring that they are operational at all times by generating alerts if they suddenly power off or become faulty.


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Heart Rate Monitor

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Message Notifications

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Get involved with the beta.

WiFi Assure is currently in beta and we’d like your help in making it the best it can be. If you have any questions, or if you’d like to be involved in our closed beta, please fill out the form below.

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